Mercy Wave Shuts Down Bende, Distributes Food Materials Worth Millions of Naira

It was a day filled with much fanfare and appreciation as all and sundry came from different places to partake in the 3rd Mercy Wave Palliative Outreach in Bende, Abia State.

For a lot of Bende Indigenes who have had to struggle just to make ends meet, taking multiple loans just to put food on the table, 17th July was a day to remember. Dr Mercy Uwakwe’s Foundation, in her usual mandate of undiluted philanthropy, stormed the City with bags of rice, cartoons of noodles, bags of beans as well as other ingredients needed to make stable meals at least for the next few months.

In an event which was covered by our world class Mercy Wave TV Crew, practically all Bende indigenes, from all 13 wards of the Local Government, were at the Bende Local Government Headquarters, venue for the palliative outreach, as early as 9am and we did not disappoint.

Over three hundred Bende families, spread across all the 13 wards, received various food materials, while several other families from neighboring communities who were able to get to the venue of the event also got some for their efforts.

Speaking to the Mercy Wave TV Crew, several beneficiaries praised the magnitude of the outreach this time, pointing out that no one had ever reached out to all 13 wards simultaneously in a pioneer event that would be written down in history, one recipient broke down in tears while saying several words of prayer for our principal, Dr Mercy Seaphrora Uwakwe.

The mandate of feeding all 13 wards of Bende which was duly publicized was met with aplomb and everyone rejoiced at such show of humanitarian service by the CEO of Dr Mercy Uwakwe Foundation. Indeed plaudits have been flowing in from all angle ever since, and the Dr Mercy Uwakwe, in her usual biblical mandate, has already started asking the question of how much more can I do to help, be rest assured that many more palliative outreaches have already been lined up and will be announced in due time.

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With the persistence of the corona pandemic and a subsequent closure or restriction of various economic means, most Nigerians are finding it difficult to keep up with their feeding demand. The 3rd Mercy Wave outreach, following two other successful outreaches, comes timely enough to alleviate to a large extent the needs of the Bende community, and for other communities, we will be coming to your doorsteps very soon.

Dr. Mercy Uwakwe

The CEO, Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe, a rare gem in philanthropy and humanitarian services, once again proved her love and her committed actions to help as many families as possible in this dire times. The continued push by her group, to always be at the forefront of emancipation for the poor and needy, is one that is commendable. It is safe to assume, and rather correctly, that we have not seen the last of these line of wonderful acts by the Mercy Wave Conglomerate. With other various forms of empowerment schemes being sponsored by the group, including but not restricted to scholarships, cash prize awards, Mercy Uwakwe Youth Empowerment Scheme(MUYES) and a host of others, we are witnessing a new dawn in humanitarian services in the country which will remain unrivaled for a long time to come.

Several other palliative outreaches have been planned for various communities in line with the foundation’s push to better the lives of the average folks. For those in distant communities, several online packages have been prepared and are continually dished out on our social media channels. Testimonies abound of life changing encounters with our CEO on our social media channels.
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