World Hepatitis Day.

Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver. Hepatitis is normally a viral infection, while there are other forms of noninfectious hepatitis which can be caused by alcohol, drug overdose and severe autoimmune reactions.

Etiology: Hepatitis is caused either by a viral invasion of the liver or by toxins. Viral Hepatitis is the most common and is quite dangerous.

Viral Hepatitis: Viral Hepatitis occurs in five forms.

*Hepatitis A is caused by the Hepatitis A Virus which is transmitted through consumption of food and water contaminated by the feaces/waste of a HPA carrier.
*Hepatitis B is contacted through contact with body fluids of a Hepatitis B Virus Carrier/Patient. Such body fluids include sweat, blood and saliva. It is commonly spread through sharing sharp objects and sexual intercourse. It is chronic and the most rampant form of Hepatitis.

  • Hepatitis C and D are commonly spread though body fluids as well and are caused by the HCV and HDV respectively.
    *Hepatitis E is rampant in Africa, caused by poor sanitation. It is spread through infected food and water.

Noninfectious Hepatitis can be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, excessive drug overdose and autoimmune responses.

Symptoms: Fatigue, Flu-like symptoms, Pale stool, Dark urine, Abdominal pain, Weight loss, Jaundice/ yellowing of eyes and skin. (Chronic hepatitis do not normally show profound symptoms until the liver has been severely damaged).

Complications: chronic liver failure, liver cancer, portal hypertension, cirrhosis, kidney failure, ascites(buildup of fluid in the abdomen), death.

Treatment: Hepatitis manifests acutely and chronically. Acute cases of all forms of hepatitis heal spontaneously, aided by proper bed rest and healthy diets, chronic cases of hepatitis such as Hepatitis C and B requires antiviral medications. Vaccines exist for Hepatitis A, B and C, while the vaccine for Hepatitis B ensures immunity for Hepatitis D as well.

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Lifestyle and Home remedies: Proper kitchen hygiene, cook food thoroughly before consumption, avoid sharing sharp instruments such as needles and razors, safe sex or abstinence, reduced alcohol consumption if any, avoid self medication.

Stay safe and get vaccinated for Hepatitis today. Millions of people are chronic patients of Hepatitis and symptoms may not manifest until the liver has been substantially damaged, go for a test today to avoid long term complications of Hepatitis.

Stay safe and get tested,

Forwarded By Iyke Kanu Okorie.

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