What Determines Eye Colour.

Have you ever seen someone’s eyes and stared in awe as you admire such wonderful beauty of creation. Or perhaps, you fell in love just by the sight of a beautiful eye colour. It’s so amazing what the eyes reveal to us. Little wonder it is seen as the “window to the soul.”

Few weeks ago, a young family went viral and became an instant internet sensation because of the colour of their eyes. The mom and her young daughters were blessed with very beautiful blue eyes. Amazing, right?
But what really gives our eyes its colour?

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The eyes are one of the primary sense organs. Some say they are the most important. Although the colour of your eye can be genetically determined, because it is an Inheritable trait, some variations can still exists.

There are 2 major factors that determines eye colour; The pigmentation of the iris and the scattering of light in the stroma of the iris.

The level of Melanin, a colour pigment, in the iris usually determines its colour and this ranges from light brown to black colours. I know you must be wondering how people with Blue, Green and Hazel eye colours got theirs, right? Well, the appearance of these colours are as a result of a phenomenon called Tyndall Scattering which simply means the light passing through the eyes are random and scatters. So, in simpler terms, these Blue, Green and Hazel eyes are structural colours and not pigmented colours like that light brown and black.

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It should be noted that majority of people have Brown eyes with only a little percentage having the Blue and Hazel colours. Green eyes are the rarest and seen in only about 2% of the world population.

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