World Humanitarian Day 2020: A ‘Gold Standard’ Approach.

In times past, humanity was concerned with just one thing, how to ensure that human welfare was promoted through positive altruism geared towards promoting the collective goal of the society. Over time, like almost all other core human values, this peculiar drive was eroded until a point where it became necessary to set aside a day to remind us all that we owe a duty to humanity in any little way we can offer.

The World Humanitarian Day is a day set aside to not just encourage humanitarian services but to also celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to working for the good of others without expecting any backhanded benefit in return.

Humanitarianism is one of the core values we uphold at Dr Mercy Uwakwe’s Foundation. All of our programs and events are geared towards bettering the conditions of the underserved and marginalised members of the society, and everyday we keep on doing more. In a matter of days, we will successfully complete the release procedures for several inmates from the State Correctional Facility in Abia State. We value humanity and we go beyond the ordinary to protect the interest of those who have had to endure years of hardship in these correctional facilities(prisons).

Dr Mercy Uwakwe, with all her numerous humanitarian endeavours, has set a gold standard for what humanitarian service should be all about. Above all, her disposition towards the accolades which her activities attract is one that should be emulated. She recently rejected a pan African award recognition, further buttressing the fact that she only works for the glory of God and not for her personal aggrandizement.

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Cheers to the Gold Standard of Humanitarianism.

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