Educational Corner: Meet The Genius You Never Heard About

We most often celebrate and revere intelligence. This is because man is seen as a progressive species and intelligence outlines the hallmark of such progressive drive. There is often huge societal expectations from those with high levels of intelligence quotient (IQ), and throughout the course of history, the expectations have been met by many. Examples of such people we celebrate today such as Einstein, Newton etc helped change the world and its views on certain subjects.

Thus, it is hugely surprising that someone with even a higher IQ percentage than Einstein and Newton lived and died relatively unknown and underachieving. Sad right? Well, let’s take a look at this unknown genius.

Williams James Sidis was born in 1898 and he is dubbed the smartest man to ever grace this planet with an astonishing IQ of 250-300. At 18 months of age, he could read the newspaper and at 6 years he spoke fluently about Seven different languages. Williams was admitted into Harvard at the age of 9 years although he didn’t start classes until he has 11. He graduated from Harvard aged 16.

Williams James Sidis

However, this child prodigy chose to live a life of solitude away from the spotlight. He took menial jobs such as being a low level accountant and refusing to be at the center of any form of attraction or appreciation for his intelligence.

Williams, spending a lifetime of solitude, died broke and penniless at a relatively young age of 46. Thus, finally without any lasting recognition for his brilliance.


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