Humanity First

Who We Are

Mercy Wave Foundation is a private independent philanthropic organization committed to improving the quality of human life and dignity by implementing programs that leverage on technology and community participation to promote good health, ensure quality education, and improve the economic wellbeing of children, youths, the vulnerable and the less privileged.

Some of the specific objectives of Mercy Wave Foundation include but not limited to providing social, educational and economic empowerment to women and children; safeguarding the rights of the child and providing for the wellbeing of children in need; providing assistance in pursuing education; guiding the less privileged in identifying their interests and assist them further by enrolling them in concerned vocational training programs and/or based on their individual preference, aid in establishing them as entrepreneurs; providing medical and legal aid and assistance to the old aged and to take such other measures to ensure their social wellbeing;
mentoring and providing guidance to the youth; connecting with young minds in the society, inspiring and motivating them to be national Leaders/builders.


Dr. Mercy Uwakwe is a US based medical practitioner and the C.E.O of Mercy Wave Conglomerates.

Aside from her career as a Medical Doctor and her businesses, Dr, Mercy is a steadfast philanthropist who hopes to create equal access to healthcare, education, good standard of living and commensurate platforms to foster ambitions of the underprivileged, promote and empower sustainable economic independence for women and youths. She is determined to heal every broken heart as many as she can reach, and put smiles on faces.

Over the years, Dr. Mercy has been able to touch many lives by awarding fully funded scholarships to young adults with financial restrictions, assisted aged women and widows, empowered over 50 youths to start up businesses, and servicing orphanages. 

She believes that everyone no matter the background can thirst of the beauty of life. 

What We Do



Our Mission is to Give hope and empower Young Minds to enable them realize their full potentials. Dr. Mercy Uwakwe has given cash loans and rewards to many youths.



Mercy Wave Foundation is fully dedicated to support Education. We empower indigent Pupils and Students through our scholarship scheme.



We empower Youths, Mothers and Fathers through our diverse skill acquisition programmes all over the world, where various vocational skill are taught be professionals.



The orpahages, Prisons, IDP Camps aren’t excluded in our service. We put back smiles on the faces of people through our Charities. 



We Connect with Young Minds in the Society, We inspire and Motivate them to be national Leaders/builders, We follow up to ensure they implement all.


To keep abreast of latest developments, programs, and initiatives of Mercy Wave Foundation, ensure that you follow our official pages and handles in all social media platforms. https://www.facebook.com/695279917539066/posts/1131725693894484/?app=fbl https://twitter.com/search?q=drmercyuwakwe&s=08 https://instagram.com/mercywave_conglomerate?igshid=rqt19eufwuyk Get your telegram app, access the link below to join our telegram group chat.https://t.me/joinchat/SLNguBRydGnJGUh9Pbez2g Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking on the link below. …
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Impact Stories


Michael Ukoha, a 200L Civil Engineering Student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike recently got a full university Scholarship till he concludes his five year course as an undergraduate. This is Courtesy of Dr. Mercy Uwakwe


One of the contestants of FACE OF MERCY WAVE season 2 , Ifeanyichukwu Ekele has emerged winner of the contest – Face of Mercy wave Season 2.

Face of Mercy Wave (FMW2) Season 2 contest is part of Dr. Mercy Uwakwe’s humanitarian gestures towards the youths. This is as a result of her staunch believe in the youth.