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What We Do



Our Mission is to Give hope and empower Young Minds to enable them realize their full potentials. Dr. Mercy Uwakwe has given cash loans and rewards to many youths.



Mercy Wave Foundation is fully dedicated to support Education. We empower indigent Pupils and Students through our scholarship scheme.



We empower Youths, Mothers and Fathers through our diverse skill acquisition programmes all over the world, where various vocational skill are taught be professionals.



The orpahages, Prisons, IDP Camps aren’t excluded in our service. We put back smiles on the faces of people through our Charities. 



We Connect with Young Minds in the Society, We inspire and Motivate them to be national Leaders/builders, We follow up to ensure they implement all.

Who We Are

"We can make the world a wonderful place through giving crumbs."

We are an organisation which believe that everyone, no matter the background can still thirst the beauty of life.

We are determine to heal every broken hearts as many as we can reach, and put smiles on faces.

DR MERCY UWAKWE FOUNDATION aims to enhance human life and dignity by implementing programs that leverages technology and community participation to promote good health and economic well being for our children, youths, and women. To assist in providing programs and services that will help young people stay engaged in education, training and employment and health.

Our Approach

We Give

Have you ever been in a situation where you are seriously in need and couldn’t get help?! Not just financial need, maybe you were sick and every effort to get you cured wasn’t working at the time. Imagine how you felt! 22,000 children die each day due to poverty every day, and information has it that 1billion are living in abject poverty. Giving out the smallest of meat to this population can help sustain lives.

Imagine how every beauty of life left you! A lot of people are like that. Everything about life is worthless to them, because they are void of assistance to add meaning to their lives.

If significant lives remain unassisted, it will lead:

  •  Increased terrorism
  • Outbreak of uncontrollable diseases

— Our Mission

Reaching out to people in dire needs and giving out selfless assistance.


— Our Vision

To sustain lives and lift the struggling.


— Our Story


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